Our Commitment: Leading with Values in Times of Uncertainty

Bobby Savoie, PhD   on April 9, 2020

It’s an understatement to say, "this isn't business as usual."

Like many of you, we continue to monitor the impact of COVID-19 around the country. In addition to the immediate and ubiquitous health concerns, we have seen a much broader impact on all of our lives, as well as the global economy. Understandably, there is a great sense of unease everywhere.

I want to thank our employees for what they have done already to maintain an excellent business demeanor in their professional life during these strange times. Their commitment to our clients and our missions makes all the difference.

I also want to reassure everyone that, as a company, we are resilient. Over the course of many years, we have seen—and endured—many challenging moments. We are confident that we will overcome this one, too. 

Geocent is in solid financial shape and is highly thought of by our clients, thanks mainly to our employees’ outstanding performance across the country. Our excellent financial and technical performance over the past few years have put Geocent in a unique position for a company our size. It provides a level of assurance that we can continue to serve all of our employees as they deserve to be served.

With our understanding of the continuing needs of our clients, the ability for most employees to telework in a highly effective manner, and our financial strength, please rest assured that Geocent is committed to continuing to pay all employees. They are our best asset, and we are dedicated to supporting them and their families during this time.  

Geocent is in a strong position amid this crisis. Nearly all of our employees can continue working, and as of now, we do not see that changing in the coming weeks.

In fact, we are still hiring! We had ten employee referrals and six new hires in March, and we are still looking to fill many other positions. If you have friends or family members that are facing uncertainty in their jobs, please invite them to review our openings and join our special company. There is a strong possibility that we will need even more new, outstanding individuals as our country emerges from this shutdown. Please keep that in mind as you talk to your friends (at a safe distance, of course 😀).

We want Geocent's values to shine at this difficult hour. We earnestly and humbly request all of our employees to contribute to this and help clients continue to succeed during this uncertain time. Our commitment and support are critical to helping us, and our clients, maintain business continuity without missing a beat despite the many challenges we all face together.

I am proud and inspired by the way our company has risen to this challenge—with flexibility, resilience, courage—and a caring heart. Thanks to our employees for their enormous contributions. Let's all work together to keep going.

We will keep up the great work. Keep delivering for our customers and our company. Take care of yourselves and your families. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you.


Bobby Savoie, PhD
CEO, Geocent

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